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6 Things to Know Before Shipping your Vehicle to Sabah Sarawak

before you proceed to vehicle shipping, you need to make sure all documents and process followed. To make sure you didn’t miss out important documents and process, we will help you with the simple checklist for your guidance before Shipping.

If you have something unclear about vehicle shipping or want to ask something, feel free to ask us directly via e-mail, call or whatsapp.

  • Contact Nizaf Mover by Call, Whatsapp or Web Booking.
  • Get price quotation for your vehicle shipping.
  • Submit a letter of application to the Bank for vehicle Shipping
  • Submit the relevant documents to the Bank.
  • Obtain a permit (To send a car to Sabah Sarawak) from the Bank.
  • Submit all documents to Nizaf Mover for Shipment process.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can. We send vehicles using RORO Shipment, specialized ship for shipping any vehicles at economical price compared to send you vehicles using container. For your goods, you can put it in your vehicle together (for small items in box) but at your own risk. We are not responsible for loss or damages for your belongings.

For cars, we divide it to 2 categories; Passenger Car (Sedan, Compact) and Light Commercial Car (SUV, MPV, Pickup Truck). The price Passenger car is RM1,4999+ and for Light commercial Car RM1.599+. delivery time is 5 – 7 days from port to port.

Yes. The price for sedan is RM1,4999+ and RM1.599+ for MPV & SUV. For Motorcycle, Price is RM750+.

Copy of Identification Card (MyKad)

Copy of Vehicle Ownership Certificate (Vehicle Grant)

Copy of Bank Discharge Letter

No, price not includes Insurance. You can choose to add Marine insurance that cover you vehicles if there’s any circumstances.

If you got something to ask about Vehicle shipping, feel free to ask. Whatsapp Us

Our clients say

"Servis penghantaran kereta yg terbaik dari Kuching ke Perak..kereta telah sampai ke pintu rumah dengan selamat dan elok...kereta pun dapat cepat dan pantas..runner dia terus ambik ke Port Klang dan hantar ke rumah dengan selamat... Alhamdulillah." 
Ramlah Hanim
Hantar Sarawak ke Semenanjung
"saya baru lepas guna servis nizaf movers.. hantar kereta dr port klang ke Kuching..saya puas hati..kereta sampai dgn selamat..x ambk masa lama pn..simpan brg dlm kereta pn x hilang.. terbaik!!"
Angela Ketina
Hantar Semenanjung ke Sarawak


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